Re[focus] Mapping – Moscow Circle of Light Festival

Date: December 21, 2015 Category: , ,

We teamed with Tecn√© collective for the ArtVision “Modern” Contest, part of the Circle of Light Festival in Moscow, Russia. The idea was to transform the building with the use of technology and projections. Inspired by the Cinetic and Op-Art movements we setup and audiovisual live piece where music and visuals were generated live and transformed the building into different art pieces. The generative and reactive app was built on openFrameworks and also were pre-rendered scenes done on Cinema4D and After Effects. All music was made specially for the piece and controlled live with Ableton and Lemur on an ipad.

Art Direction and Graphic Design by: Valeria Prada
Creative direction, music and animation by: Wyz Borrero
Technical direction and programming by: Gorka Cortazar and Rodrigo Arcaya